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"The oldest football league of it's kind in the nation."
                                     John F. Kennedy Football League 

The following is a pro forma outline of the John F. Kennedy Football League’s (JFK) history, current status, and future prospectus.  The JFK League is the oldest documented touch football league of its’ kind in the country. It was formed in November of 1963 in veneration of President John F. Kennedy and his tragic death.  The Kennedy family was known for their love of the touch game. President Kennedy himself was a strong advocate of physical fitness across America.  Fifty years later the mission of the JFK League remains the same with the continued promotion of this style of football.  The League is composed of mostly ex-college players, some semi-pro and an occasional retired professional player. Each team can have as many as 35 players with most teams coming from the proximal Buffalo New York area.  It focuses on full contact 8 man touch with linemen eligible as pass receivers. Games are played on a regulation size field with 15 minute running quarters. It is a hybrid league by most standards where the style of play is generally more physical than 7 man touch but has more finesse than 9 man flag. 
In the last two decades the League has expanded its’ playing base to the tournament level with the hosting of numerous sponsored invitational’s in the early 90’s. This culminated in the facilitation of a National Tournament by the United States Flag and Touch League (USFTL) in 1994 and 1995.  Tournament play continues today with attendance by JFK League teams at both the local and national level at these events hosted by the USFTL.  At this competitive level almost all JFK spawned teams routinely finish in the top 20-25% with several teams being ranked in the top 10% of finishers and three teams as if this date having been Divisional National Champions. This was primarily in the flag category.
The typical season is from July to November with 12-14 games making it also one of the longer playing seasons around the country.  Most games are held on Saturday evening or Sunday mornings at various playing sites throughout Buffalo and the surrounding area.  Games are occasionally available for broadcast media coverage. The weekend scores are published in the local newspaper.
The future of JFK focuses on the continued pursuit of quality football locally with an awareness of the need to promote the game at all levels. Further particulars on the JFK League’s 50 year history and/or additional information about the League can be obtained by contacting the John F. Kennedy Football League, P.O. Box 192 West Seneca N.Y. 14224 or reaching us at